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I'm not sure if it's Bach or Beethoven, but there's a song that goes, "You spin my head right 'round right 'round when you go down, when you go down down". And who doesn't love a spinner?? Viola is one of nature's flirty butterflies whose slight build makes her even more fun in the bedroom than on a ballet stage. At barely 5 feet, she's like a perfect, sexy doll.

Three years ago, she worked with our sister agency at the tender age of 19. She was a popular favorite and our clients would often comment on her insatiability. Small frame, huge appetite. Many clients called after their sessions--either to complain that they were too tired to go back to work, or to schedule a repeat immediately. In the years since, Viola has filled out in only one spot--her breasts. Everything else is wonderfully slight, like a fairy dancing on the head of a pin, or like the memory of winter's first snowflake on a hot summer day.