Tori Lynn

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Tori Lynn has the highest scores in service for any girl who has ever worked for us. Find out why she's so good.


Tori Lynn is such an all-American hottie that it's kind of a joke. No girl should be this blonde, this busty, this willing to please you in every way. But Tori is, and it amazes us that she's part of the BI family. Everything about her is perfect. Her piercing blue eyes are so bright it's like driving at noon. Her smile is warmer than a bowl of soup. Her curves are rounder than a sine wave. (Assuming that a sine wave is round. Look, we don't do math.) Her breasts--ah, well, they are sexier than a bowl of soup and a sine wave combined.

Not even kidding here, because we know that it's kind of the point of these blurbs to build up the girl. But Tori is special. She's magical. Her patronus would be a naked version of her made out of light because nothing will make you happier than spending a few hours in her company. In our decade in the business, we've been lucky to meet a few It Girls who embody that gestalt whole of seduction and joie de vivre that makes life worth living. Tori's an It Girl.

When she's not making your day, she's a college student. She studies things like server architecture or Wittgenstein's propositions--whatever college students study these days. Who knows?? Not me. Because every time I asked what her major is, I got lost collecting pebbles from the shores of her eyes and never remembered what she said.

Age : 21 Ethnicity : Caucasian
Weight : 140 lbs Tattoo : None
Height : 5'4 Rate : 350
Hair : Blonde Services : GFE/Greek 150 extra (YMMV)
Breast : 36DD

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