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At Boston International, we get something like a dozen applications every week from models who aspire to a more glamorous lifestyle. So we spend a lot of time looking at the most exotic ladies from the USA and all over the world. Being admirers of beauty and sensuality, we want to share the rarest flowers of womanhood. The innocent youth of an ingenue. The dark arts of an accomplished seductress. In our enthusiasm, we forget that all-American girls can be pretty darn sexy.

Tiffany is here to remind us what we have right here in the good ol' US of A.

With her golden blonde hair, her athletic figure, her golden ratio curves, her smooth skin, and her perfect, perfect breasts, she's the ideal of American beauty. You could have John Rambo saving Marilyn Monroe from the Nazis and it wouldn't get any more American than her sunny smile. Can you even imagine anything other than a college fantasy when you look at her? It's like she was born in a bikini.

Lucky for us all, Tiffany believes her manifest destiny is to make others happy. She's all about her constitutional right to please and be pleased. And when you read her reviews, you'll find that she's skilled at it too. She's the quintessential American hottie, the Disney princess. She has to be the best. And for that to happen, she's willing to make YOU her number one priority, over and over and over again.

Rock over Miami, rock on Boston. Tiffany, goddess of champions.


Age : 25 Ethnicity : Caucasian
Weight : 138lbs Tattoo : None
Height : 5'7ft Rate : 350
Hair : Blonde Services : GFE
Breast : 36C

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