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Ask Tia what she likes to do most of all, and she'll tell you she likes dancing. And even though this curvy 25 year old has a million things going on in her life at any given moment, she has mastered the art of dancing like there's nobody watching. Or, even better, dancing like there's one important person watching, and that person's attention is the center of her universe.

With her sultry eyes, exotic features, silky hair, and fatally addictive curves, Tia seems a bit intimidating--almost as if she's too much woman. But then you look beyond her come-hither gaze and her swaying hips (like a snake charmer, and she's definitely expert at charming snakes!!) and you see a personality that's giving like a fountain in a oasis, fragrant and delightful like spring's first rose. Tia loves to give, and give she must, all the while maintaining eye contact while she administers her sensuous incantations. Like a sorceress, or like the cool summer rain on your forehead, Tia will find the long-lost ache in your heart and soothe it with the soft tips of her fingers (among other things).

Tia is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in bubblegum adorability and buttercream frosting. Her friend Tiffany says that she's so pretty that she makes other girls feel self-conscious. But then, when she smiles, the warmth of the giving soul and erotic mind meld together to create a glow that envelops you and makes you whole again.


Age : 25 Ethnicity : Spanish
Weight : 120lbs Tattoo : None
Height : 5'5ft Rate : 350
Hair : Brown Services : GFE
Breast : 34B

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