Angie seems to thrum with energy like a hummingbird, all kinesis and lightning like a thought leaping from synapse to synapse and forging into action before you can even blink at the sight of her toned, perfect body and say “Allah save us”. For all of her quicksilver grace, her eyes are trained on you. And she breaks out into smile like, as Shakespeare would say, “as larks into break of dawn arising from heaven’s gate”.

When you see her in the nude, you’ll understand where all this energy comes from. I’d call her perfect, but perfect implies a pristine, natural state. Angie is unimprovable, and Angie is glorious. But Angie is not pristine. Nature can’t produce a body like she has. That’s the product of excellent genes to begin with, bolstered with hours of cardio, light weight training for tone, and a pair of breasts that the best surgeon wept when he created because they are so beautiful. (Don’t get me started on her teardrop nipples. Just be happy that Putin hasn’t seen them because there would definitely be a war over them.)

I try not to let my inner dork come out too much when describing the girls, but Angie really seems to me like one of those golden age science fiction sexy robots that writers were dreaming up. I’m thinking of Lester del Rey’s “Helen O’Loy” but there are scores of them. She’s not your 21st century android, out to kill all humans or whatever. She’s just this combination of sexy and cheerful where you take the best that God makes and then keep improving on it with countless hours of practice, and you end up with a creature who knows how to please with lethal accuracy.

The one thing you can’t improve—it can’t be done, it can’t be faked, it’s all natural and it’s been with her since the day since she became a woman—is her passion, her raw hunger.


Age : 25 Ethnicity : Latina
Weight : 104 lbs Tattoo :
Height : 5'1 Rate : 350
Hair : Brunette Services : GFE
Breast : 34D enhanced

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