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They say that the only adornment a lady truly needs is her natural beauty and grace. Elena is the perfect embodiment of this. She's a bubbly, cheerful college student from Costa Rica, and she is everything good we associate with that beautiful country--cheerful, a lover of life, dance, music, and, of course, carbon neutral. (Well, we don't know about that last part for sure.)

Elena got in touch with us when a client met her and fell in love. But he had no way of seeing her again without traveling a thousand miles. And while it's always a good idea to travel a thousand miles (no need to be dramatic and walk; just take a plane) to see that smile, we stepped in and arranged for Elena to come to Boston. At such an apposite time too!! Summer's ending, the days are getting grey, and we have a rainbow deficit.

Elena's going to change all that.

You can see from the pictures that, physically, Elena is perfect. She's got the right curves, a waist so tiny it looks like she's wearing a cinch (hint: she isn't), and natural assets that S&P would kill to get their hands on. In addition: the smile of a girl who's beautiful and doesn't care, because she knows that life is what you make of it. And the eyes of a human being--more than a woman, more than a provider--who gives of herself with kindness and expects nothing back but her partner to share that kindness and joy with the rest of the world.

This girl is truly special. You need to meet her now.

Age : 23 Ethnicity : Latina
Weight : 115 lbs Tattoo : None
Height : 5'5 Rate : 400
Hair : Brunette Services : GFE
Breast : 36C natural

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