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Ava is an ingenue, a memory of a dream you once had, the way the light plays with shadows of trees in the summertime, a wild rose with bright eyes, a gazelle, a poem, a sweet, sweet song. It's hard to describe the indescribable, and while we fully realize the necessity of explaining the fullness of a girl's physical beauty, it would be disingenuous to try and enclose Ava into a prison of adjectives.

Don't worry, dear reader. She's beautiful. There's no doubt of that. Build a time machine, bring back a Sultan from the Ottoman empire, and show him just the merest glimpse of her sweet smile, and he'll be building a filigreed suite in his harem for this houri. Lord Byron, if he'd encountered the measured perfection of her profile, would have given up his philandering and settled down to a white picket fence and pension for Ava. The future space warlord Trivax Xelozia, leading his hyperspeed armada of wormhole traversing rocketships, would let Earth live for another thousand years just so that he could spend that time writing synthesizer solos praising Ava's eyes and how they are deeper than all roses.

But for all of her lithe body, her warm smile (she bears a passing resemblance to flapper superstar Clara Bow), and all of the other charms that a lusty God has endowed her with, it's her soul that shines through. She's one of the sweetest persons we've ever met, giving and forthright and intellectually, emotionally, and sensually honest. Her personality is such that, well, she's as hot as she is, and we still love her more for who she is than how she looks.

And as for her passion, well, we have her stellar reviews for that. You can read them if you're bored, but for the real thing, you need to find out for yourself.

Age : 22 Ethnicity : Caucasian
Weight : 130lbs Tattoo :
Height : 5'9 Rate : 350
Hair : Brown Services : GFE
Breast : 32B

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